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Having Enough Ostomy Supplies on Hand

This year has been a wild ride for most Americans.  To be honest most of the world to some extent has been affected by the pandemic.  This has caused so many scares and fears to be acknowledged and has shown us that the America Medical market is not what we thought it was. It turns out that the majority of all our medical supplies come from China.  It also is scary because China was the ground zero for the coronavirus and so much supply and demand was affected by that situation.  Now luckily I was able to get enough ostomy supplies gear in that I was not in trouble, but I am a lucky one.  I do really like to use ostomy supplies gear and have been storing up a good amount of extra supplies for years.  This is something I am so very glad I did because in some places in this country people were not as lucky. 

It was not because my favorite company ran out of supplies, but because the ability to deliver them started to disappear.  It was not just because of the Covid-19 pandemic either but more so the fact that the riots started to take place.  These riots which started as a peaceful protest turned into full blown criminal and terrorist ventures.  Entire cities have been locked down and are still fighting criminal elements. 

In Seattle a terrorist organization actually currently has taken over a section of the city. This is not a movie from Chuck Norris this is actual real life and if you are stuck in that area, I am so sorry and my prayers go out to you.  What caused me to write this is the possibility that this could happen to someone else who is in this lockdown situation with no supplies being delivered.  At that point you must be prepared for being locked in.

I would suggest being prepared for an economic collapse such as this even on a small scale.  It is an economic collapse in that the local economy is shut down and now people are able to get in or out.  This means that you will have to live off your own supplies.

  Goodness that sounds insane coming from an American citizen, but I suggest being prepared now knowing that this can happen even when a natural disaster has not occured. So keep at least a month or 3 months supplies on hand and stay safe!

Buy Ostomy Supplies from a Good Company

Nothing is worse than having a real problem and getting bad service.  Bad service can come in a variety of ways.  But if you have an ostomy and have real issues then just avoiding bad companies can save you stress, and save you possible health issues.

Most people who find themselves with a stoma don’t have big issues, but there are a few bad apples that can ruin your experience and then can ruin lots of other peoples you tell. What I mean is that there are some great companies out there that are really in it to help you.  They can provide specialty services or just some extra touches that get you through and give you more confidence. 

One area that is important to me these days is a good ostomy supply company that provides good shipping.  And you know what I mean, if I spend a hundred dollars, on products I don’t want them to come in a super thin bag that looks like it has been battered.  Then I am worried about the products working right and possibly leaking when I don’t need it or want it.  So packaging of products matters to me.  When ostomy Supplies ships supplies, they send them in a nice box or think secured package.  It has lots of bubble wrap or extra packaging stuff in them to make sure my products are safe. That sounds so small and maybe even petty to some, but if you have had 50 dollars worth of bags ruined and you really needed them that day. It is a big deal. 

Another small part of shipping from ostomy companies is the willingness to have shipping information.  It seems like such a small area, but I get anxiety by not knowing when things are coming and where they are coming from.  Ostomy Supplies has always been really great at going the extra mile to tell me when things will get shipped. They give me the shipping information in an email and on the phone if I feel the need to call. 

They get that it can be a big deal and I have had nothing but great service from them on this topic.  Yes, I am always polite on the phone too, and I have received nothing but the same in return.  So find yourself a good company that takes care of your needs. Even if it is just shipping, find the right company for you.

Belt with an Ostomy

It is summer and the weather is getting warm.  If you are like the majority of Americans due to pandemic you have most likely been stuck inside way more than normal.  But soon we will be free of our stay at home orders and ready to get out and look good.  So what if you have an ostomy?  Does that mean you shouldn’t look good or should stop being fashionable? Absolutely, not! This is the time to work it and you don’t have to be stuck using baggy clothes.  Now being summer you may find that you are much more active than normal and in that case there are some good things you can do to stay safe, stay happy, and look good at the same time. 

One tip I like to give for summer is to try a belt.  We all use belts, but I am talking about a different kind of belt. Since actively levels go up having your ostomy gear stay in place can be more important than normal.  No one one a leak especially you!  So getting an ostomy bag that has some loops and a elastic belt that is made for it can keep everything a little more snug and free from swinging.  I found mine at ostomy Supplies and was able to try it for free.  That was a big deal to me because I don’t like to waste money.

So what was the hardest part about the whole idea of it? Well honestly asking the questions can be a bit hard especially when you are doing it for fashion.  Calling up ostomy supplies, simply sounds silly when you have fashion in mind.  But fear not so do they.  They were right in it with me and I think loved the call more than I did when I got my free belt set up.  So now I am able to get out in the summer and be free so to speak.  It really allows me more movement and less printing on clothes.  For printing is what annoys me the most and I don’t want to always wear baggy clothing.  It is summer after all and I have been working on my body even with the pandemic binge eating!

So this summer give a belt a try.  It may not be the right item for you, but it may just be the right amount of tension that keeps you from having a bad time.  Stay safe and always ask your healthcare provider for more information.

Playing in the paint with a stoma.

There is something about the location you live that determines much about your life.  It is a cultural thing and depending on where you were born will determine who you will be.  It is amazing to think about and annoying as well.  My life started in the middle of the country.  Now for some, that means I grew up around corn, politeness, and the bible belt.  That is not a bad thing, but not great either.   What it means to most of the people in sports is that I grew up in basketball country.  Myself, I come from the Hoosier state and that means everyone plays basketball.  It is a natural sport that everyone knows how to play.  I spent days, weeks, and literally months of my life playing basketball.  I found it kept me healthy and gave me many life lessons.  Winning, losing, and working with a team of different people teaches lots of lessons.  

What are those lessons? It is trut that I find myself playing basketball a little less and with a little more ostomy supplies.  Yes, I have a stoma and I still play basketball.  Never for a minute did I think I would stop having fun just because I have to take a bag around with me on my abdomen. So I wanted to share a few tips on things I have noticed help the most when I lace up my basketball shoes and get to hooping.  I even just got home and made my own personal backboard for my court. 

But when it comes to stoma’s and basketball, make sure you are wearing the right clothing.  So does this mean I need to wear armor when I am on the basketball court? No, not at all. Instead just wear loose clothing, like most people do when they play basketball.  I prefer moisture-wicking t-shirts and regular elastic basketball shorts.  Now I will try to purchase all my ostomy supplies in materials to match.  If my ostomy bag is not moisture-wicking then it will get very sweaty and leave a huge sweat stain on my shirt.  That is just a little weird and people will play the game differently when they are around you.  They won’t guard you as hard and it’s just annoying and everyone will see you as something you are not and that is weak.  

It hurts when this happens and ruins all the fun.  Now all my friends would never play me any differently, but new people are new and will always hesitate to guard a guy who may be carrying a bag of poo with him.  Honestly, I don’t blame anyone and I keep my spirits up and most people laughing.  Because hey, life and why not.  But I still like to avoid that situation and just play ball like normal and lose fitting moisture-wicking clothes help a lot.  I also add a belt to my attire. No not a dress belt or anything, but it’s basically a body band that goes around my abdomen to keep everything in place.  Find a good one and you will be able to run around just like normal.  Just make sure all your gear attaches well and has great lockups on your stoma. I like to use a stoma guard as well and I find that helps me get through any injuries that could have happened.